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Five Star Vacation Rentals | Home

Welcome to Five Star Vacation Rentals!

We have a great selection of vacation rentals that will suit every customer preference. Our properties are situated at prime locations in La Quinta, Big Bear, Nuevo Vallarta, Mammoth Mountain, as well as Southern California Beach areas.

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Five Star Vacation Rentals Difference

Family vacations are important. It’s a time when parents can finally take a break and spend their hard-earned money on something fun and relaxing, and bond with the kids at the same time. Because this is one of the best times to build connections with one another, where the family goes and their experience with accommodations is critical. This is why we at Five Star Vacation Rentals have made it our business to create vacation memories that will last a lifetime through top-notch customer service and the best hand-selected vacation homes at competitive prices.

At Five Star Vacation Rentals, every detail is personalized. This is our own little way of making our guests feel welcomed, pampered, and valued whenever they stay in our vacation rentals across the country. We are always hands-on with customer requests, ensuring their dream vacation plays out as planned.

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View our portfolio of vacation rentals! Our locations at Big Bear, Southern California, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Mexico, Mammoth Mountain, and Park City are guaranteed to provide the entire family endless hours of fun with an array of things to do both indoors and outdoors. Our properties are fully-furnished and outfitted with modern amenities for your utmost convenience.

With dozens upon dozens of properties to choose from here at Five Star Vacation Rentals, that dream vacation with the entire family is never too far away. We have the perfect homes for your requirements the whole year round!

Contact us today and let us know what you’re looking for. With Five Star Vacation Rentals, you get a true luxury property every time.